Eco Friendly Fashion Accessories

HUMNZR arose from an Ethical, Environmental and Human idea that can embrace the universality of concepts that are increasingly exploited and lacking awareness.

Respect for Nature, mutual understanding, the authentic expression of every human being: these are concepts that HUMNZR developed through all the phases of creating the Brand and its accessories, from the choice of eco-friendly materials to sharing issues worthy of attention.

HUMNZR wants to stand out, to make people reflect, to share and raise the awareness of a public that is increasingly focused on the must-have trends.

HUMNZR’s concept of must-have consists of a recycled or regenerated product that helps to reduce the environmental impact and protect our natural resources. A product that, with its versatility of style, also becomes sharing.

HUMNZR style is inspired by urban, everyday art, the art in plain sight of everyone. People, Designs, Artists who courageously describe, convey, express their own nature through their art, their work, their being. The street is the place of meeting, acquaintance, mutual respect and recognition. Styles, Customs, Colours, and Particularities that meet and respect each other.

Those who wear HUMNZR respect the environment, wear a message, feel part of a revolution, and share their style knowingly.
HUMNZR offers its products with the humility of being a valid, reliable and just alternative.