Vegan Leather HUMNZR Collection

Handmade in Italy

Vegan Leather extracted from the leaves of a particular type of Cactus, the Nobal, a Green Eco Sustainable, biodegradable and high quality solution.

Compared to synthetic fabrics and those of animal origin, Vegan Leather is more resistant, flexible and breathable.

The production of synthetic fabrics and those of animal origin consume an huge amount of water as the animal is raised up to tanning. The use of chemicals makes the leather non-recyclable and contributes to the emission of pollutants into the environment.

Vegan leather does not pollute
, allows to use much less water during the production of the raw material and the crops also absorb carbon dioxide from the air, helping the environment.

Certified PETA and Vegan in support of animal rights for an ethical need to wear a product whose production has not meant the suffering or death of a creature.


Vegan Leather Keychain Lanyard Handmade in Italy Capri Keychain Lanyard Handcrafted in Italy with in..

€ 15.00 Ex Tax: € 12.30


Vegan Leather Keychain Lanyard Handmade in Italy Cortina Keychain Lanyard handcrafted in Italy with ..

€ 23.00 Ex Tax: € 18.85


Vegan Leather Baseball Handmade in Italy CourmayeurBaseball Hat Handcrafted in Italy with innovative..

€ 99.00 Ex Tax: € 81.15


Black Vegan Leather Backpack Handmade in Italy MarrakechBackpack handcrafted in Italy with innovativ..

€ 220.00 Ex Tax: € 180.33


Vegan Leather Wallet Handmade in Italy New YorkWallet handcrafted in Italy with innovative vegan lea..

€ 43.00 Ex Tax: € 35.25


Black Vegan Leather Waist Bag Handmade in Italy San FranciscoWaist Bag Handcrafted in Italy with inn..

€ 75.00 Ex Tax: € 61.48

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